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Would you like to sell tickets,
coupons quickly and easily?

After a few simple steps, you will reach a much larger audience than if you were doing it yourself!


Come and start your own ticket sales!

Basic package

We take the admin burden off your shoulders and help with financial management. It only
costs with us maximum 25 Forint

Premium package

We will help you with marketing too.
It will cost only 10% in additional

basic package includes:

integration with payment service provider

bank card (Barion)

Bitcoin Cash

Integration with invoicing solutions


• Billingo

Simplified event administration with Facebook events
• single and recurring events

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Tranzakciós jutalék bruttóMegelőző 30 nap tranzakcióinak száma partnerenként
25 Ft- 1 000
5 Ft1 001 - 10 000
2 Ft10 001 - 50 000
1 Ft 50 001 -

in addition basic package provides this too:

WordPress plugin• you can download our plugin from the WordPress store
Form at purchase

Form at purchaseyou can ask additional information from your customers when purchasing

safe P2P trading of tickets• sell tickets at custom price

ticket booking based on locationpurchase ticket for seat in theater or festival exhibition place

messaging • personalized, automatic e-mails sending to your customers uppon purchase and before the event
• personalized gift cards

gift card
  • • scheduled messaging during the holidays
QR code admission
  • • quick and easy
  • • scan QR in mobil 

video stream based events on demand or live video streaming provided by Vimeo or Antenna Hungaria

in addition to all this:

  • • passes
  • • pricing options
  • • group discount
  • • "early bird" pricing
  • • economic situation based discount
  • • demand-, capacity- and customer satisfaction-based price optimalization
  • • price optimization at peak sale period

Our business model is that everyone is doing independently their settings, we are in trial phase now feel free to ask for help if you get stuck

Send us the code you might get from sales and you will get 3 month free

Feel free to ask any question at or at Facebook page.

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